About us

We are a floor sanding company which is known for its excellent reputations and high level of trust from our customers. We can offer you professional sanding for every type of wooden floor that you have, done with the help of modern machines. Our sanding technicians are qualified, skilful and experienced. They will remove all imperfections from your floor to make it attractive again. Our employees will protect your floor from further damage and scratches by covering it with lacquers and oils.

Our floor sanding company can offer you:

  • Removing of the old, damaged or stained sealant from your floor with advanced machines
  • Perfectly smooth and levelled floors after being sanded
  • Using oils, polyurethane and other lacquers to make every wood floor resistant and glamorous
  • Competitive prices
  • Seven days in the week available services
  • Professional attitude and great results of our floor sanding services

Rely on the specialists in our floor sanding company to return the attractive appearance of your flooring. They will restore your floor, removing the stains, scratches and flaws that it may have. After sanding the floor, our employees will make it more resistant by covering it with the proper sealants.